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Hello, I’m Greg Leibowitz

I am a user experience designer, multimedia artist, visual web designer, film photographer & educator living in sunny Orlando, Florida. I currently work for the largest and most magical theme park in World. I have experience in all aspects of Web and Mobile Design including research, planning, wireframes, responsive design, creating interfaces, user experience, visual design, and testing.

I have a background in Fine Arts and Printmaking, and I have a book that I worked on at Flying Horse Editions in the MoMa in NYC. I discovered how fun and interactive the web was, and became obsessed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. WordPress also has been great for helping small businesses get a manageable CMS (Content Management System) off the ground. While learning about how awesome WordPress was, I discovered I needed to learn a little PHP, too. Another facet of web design that piqued my interest was User Experience design. This is where I spend most of my focus on merging the user and businesses goals. Finally, since I wanted users to actually find my sites, I had to immerse myself in SEO knowledge to help search engines do what they do best.

The Web and User Experience Design started as a hobby and with all of the cool new languages, frameworks, processes, and tools, it quickly became my passion to help people and businesses build their vision. Contact me so I can help you build yours.

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Or, call me at 954-242-0351