This project is a website for a month-long art event at 25 different locations on 31 different days in Orlando, Florida. I created it to help the art patrons find one-night only events taking place on specific days in the month of May.

A bit of a confusing concept to have a month-long art event at different locations, so I empathized with the people attending the events and thought how I could help alleviate some of this confusion.

I talked to some art lovers and asked questions like, “How would you want to find about ‘X’ event?” “Where would you look for this information about an event on a specific day?” “What kind of information would you want to find?”

Based on these responses I began to define the problem. I needed to sort this out for the art attendees.


I began sketching out an ascending ordered date list view and then detail list view in order to make the different art show information easier to understand.


Here is a prototype of a list of art events that become hidden as the day/event elapses. So, on May 31st, the event page looks like this:

Last but not least, was the test to see if the site was solving the problem and working properly. Here is some press from the event:


Orlando Weekly

Orlando Magazine


And from Snap!’s Facebook Page.




Desktop View


Mobile View