AR App – City Unseen

City Unseen is an iOS and Android artificial reality app for Snap!, which is a contemporary art gallery in Orlando.



To transform an entire city into an augmented reality art museum.



I worked on the branding, user interface and experience design, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and strategy for this project. I also designed and built the website to promote this project.






Met with the project manager, developers, and other stakeholders to determine the scope of the project. Wrote user stories for the different user scenarios. Mapped out the experience and wireframed the app to get approval and communicate the designs to the team. Constant iteration and testing with the curator, artists, and technology stakeholders. We were working with innovative technology and had to solve problems like the AR scanning experience design, bandwidth, screen sizes, and resolution, and working with engineers building on the Unity platform.


snap city unseen wireframes



CITY UNSEEN won the 2019 Innovation and Technology Golden Brick Award as a groundbreaking Orlando art project. Also positions Orlando and the 501(c)(3) art organization Snap! as a pioneer of art and technology in the 21st century and serves as a platform for discussion about social, cultural, and environmental issues around us.



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