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Asthma demo video.


I worked for a non-profit children’s health system, focusing on an app that navigates the patient healthcare experience.



I worked as the Senior User Interface and User Experience Designer on this project. I lead the App Design Team, which consists of myself and another designer. I created and presented design to the development team, design directors, and leadership.






How do we improve the digital healthcare experience and the medical outcomes for our patients? How do we make it easier for patients to communicate with their care teams? How do we create a compelling design that gives the patient families the right information at the right time?



Research with users and use human-centered design practices. Design in sprints in conjunction with an agile development team. Usability test to create the best experience possible. Perform exploratory generative research with our patients and families to discover their needs, goals, wants mapped to their patient journey. Collaborate with doctors and nurses to discover how we can help them serve their patients. 



When I joined the app had an average rating of 4.2/5 on the iOS and Android App Stores and during my time there I created testing, experience design initiatives, and improvements to bring the average up to 4.9/5. We have also received qualitative feedback from our patients that our tool makes navigating their healthcare much easier.


The organization is focused on the health outcomes and the lives of our patients, so any positive impact we made with the project and our designs was a massive win. For example, heard from a cardiologist that a cardiac video a parent uploaded alerted the cardiologist of a surgery incision infection and the family was able to come into the hospital and get it treated right away. And a pulmonologist was able to properly diagnose an asthma patient with the health data and symptoms provided from the asthma tracker.


Another big win was creating and launching telehealth in the app before COVID, so we were able to facilitate video visits through the telehealth portal in March of 2020 when in-persona doctors offices were shut down.

We are currently in MVP and are working on integrating more features. The app is available to hundreds of thousands of Nemours patients on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.



Usability Testing Research Report

Exploratory Research Report

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