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I was a Senior Product Designer on this project for Express Scripts, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager owned by Cigna. I worked with a team of designers, but I was the lead iOS and Android designer on this Push Notifications and many other account and communications projects. I created and presented design to other designers, researchers, development teams, design directors, and VP’s.






How do we create a new communication channel with our members? How do we improve medication adherence for our members? How do we optimize using Express Scripts as their preferred pharmacy? How do we make it easier for members to refill their prescriptions? How do we create an engaging design that gives the Express Scripts the right information at the right time?



Collaborate with research teams to set goals and plans for research initiatives. Research with members and use human-centered design practices. Design in sprints in conjunction with an agile development team. Usability test with our members to create the best experience possible. Perform exploratory generative research with members and subject matter experts to discover their needs, goals, wants mapped to their journey. Collaborate with our members, product owners, tech leads, and product leadership to create the best experiences.



We have learned that most (60%) members would enroll in notifications on app download. This is important because we can ask them right at the point of first time logging in to the app to opt-in. But we must also create flows for different parts of the member journey, say if a member already has the app installed. We will need to create enroll flows for these members such as after ordering medication, prompt on login, and inside their communication preferences to set up later if they would like.


We also learned that we must convey the importance of notifications for our members to enroll to get updates about the prescription delivery status, time for refills, medication recalls, or payment errors.  We must make the value proposition relevant to their usage and show how different these notifications may be compared to social media or mobile game notifications. The differences between a potentially life-sustaining medication update VS a Duolingo reminder are huge here and we must make sure our members know this too.



Projected $960K in annualized call center savings due to prescription and PHI (personal health information) confusion. Potential additional margin with Refill/Renewal reminder campaigns (with higher conversion rates for push notifications VS emails). Costs savings for using push notifications compared to SMS (text messaging). Most SMS platforms charge per message or per user. The plan would be to measure all of these and track them after successful launch for the project’s KPI’s.


We just completed research for these Push Notifications flows. We are currently designing and building an MVP. We will release and collect more feedback from our members and iterate.



iOS Figma Prototype

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