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Mobile Enrollment Prototype



I am a Senior Product Designer consultant on this project for Juice Insurance, a life insurance SaaS startup. I work for a founder who sells insurance and needs help building this idea. I am the sole designer on the project. I created and presented design to development team partners to collaborate and figure out requirements and investors to get buy-in to fund this project.






The current life insurance selling/buying process is frustrating, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. How do we improve the life insurance selling process for agents? How do we enroll their clients digitally? How do we educate consumers about life insurance products? How do we create an engaging design that gives the life insurance clients the right information at the right time?



Research with life-insurance agents and use human-centered design practices to uncover their needs, goals, and pain-points. Design in sprints in conjunction with an agile development team. Usability test with agents to create the best experience possible. Perform exploratory generative research with agents and subject matter experts to discover their needs, goals, wants mapped to their journey. Collaborate with agents, founders, tech development partners, and investors to create the best experiences.



Through interviewing agents I learned that the current process for selling life insurance was frustrating, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Juice Insurance needed ways to make the client enrollment easier and more efficient. Agents wanted ways for clients to self-service to avoid paperwork errors or misspellings. Clients would also be able to self-service 24/7 and get reminders to complete their life insurance applications. Agents are freed from the back office tasks and are able to focus on marketing, selling, and doing more high-touch client engagement.



We are currently designing and building an MVP. The business is pitching investors with the help of these initial designs. We will release and collect more feedback from our life insurance agents and iterate.



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Mobile Enrollment Prototype